Durable Magic Soap Odor Remover


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The Magic Soap That Makes Your Skin Soft And Glowing

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  • Durable Magic Soap Odor Remover


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      Durable Magic Soap Odor Remover


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      Condition: 100% New Brand And High Quality
      Material: Stainless Steel
      Size: 6*4.5cm
      Quantity: 1PC
      Package Included: 1 x Stainless Steel Soap.

      How to use:

      Rub your hands with steel soap and rinse with running water for 30-60 seconds. Remove all kinds of peculiar smell, without any detergent;
      2. The wrapped wet towel (or half of the steel soap is soaked in a bowl of water) can also be used as a refrigerator deodorizer, and can also be placed in the kitchen or bathroom to deodorize;
      3. Attention: Please do not burn, scald, violently disassemble and directly rub tableware, etc. You can use a wet towel to wipe the tableware or half-soak the tableware for a period of time, rinse with running water to remove the peculiar smell of the tableware;
      4. It can absorb and decompose toxic gas molecules such as formaldehyde in the decorated room. Soak half of the love steel soap in a water bowl and place it in the decorated room;

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